Creativity Comes Alive

Back in 2009, my older sister and I both found ourselves without jobs mid recession, with Christmas right around the corner. We have a large family, and we have always purchased gifts for everyone for the holidays. Low on funds, we decided to pick up a craft to try to make something personal for everyone, and that craft quickly blossomed into a love of crochet and most things fiber. I went on to teach myself to knit, and we both went on to design our own patterns. We never looked back.

Over the years, due to the demands of adult life, I have held a handful of odd jobs, but business ownership is still my favorite of all. I love to be in my own home, get up, grab a cup of coffee, boot up the computer and see all of your e-mails and requests. Because of this little shop, I have met people from all over the world. My handmade items now rest in Ireland, London, Spain, China, and all across the US. It is the most amazing feeling!

Today, I still work full time outside of the home and am raising my young son. This little shop has been part of his entire life. He often sees mama making something new, and he has become a great little model. Thank you all for being part of our lives and helping a mother to have her creative outlet and make some extra money all right at home! You guys are the reason for my success, and I adore you!

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